Best Neighborhoods in Hillsborough

Hillsborough is one of the communities incorporated in San Mateo County, California. It is located in the southern part of San Francisco and has a total population of 11,273 in 2013. Originally, it was a ranch purchased by William Davis Merry Howard, son of a wealthy shipbuilder from Hillsborough New Hampshire in 1846. Today, it is known as one of the towns were affluent personalities live. Here are the best neighborhoods in Hillsborough:

Hillsborough Oaks

Wherever you turn your sight in Hillsborough Oaks neighborhood, you will be amazed by how green it is. It is one of the greenest neighborhoods in California, even in the entire United States. The curving lanes are shaded by the trees’ canopies which provide fresh air for the entire community. The neighborhood is safe and most houses are catered for the rich families. You can see big mansions with great looking architecture. Some houses would even remind you of The White house.

Ryan Tract

If you choose to live in Ryan Tract, you will spend most of your days enjoying the country club comfort. The community caters to the upper-class families as evidenced by its grand properties and expansive lots enclosed in a very small area, about 0.3 square miles only. Its proximity to Downtown Burlingame and El Camino Real makes it even more popular. In terms of racial makeup, most residents are white (about 75%) and Asian (20%). The average house listing price is $2 million but can go as high as $7 million.

Hillsborough Park

Another neighborhood for the rich, Hillsborough Park is nestled deep into the woodlands. This is a luxurious neighborhood where only the richest of the rich can afford. It has all the things that many people could only dream of- multi-million homes in a gated community, safe and neat streets, fresh air, and lush surroundings. It only has 1,000 population based on the 2010 Census, which is concentrated within 0.7 square mile land area.


Hillsborough Knolls

If you like to live in a secluded community which is safe and luxurious, you cannot go wrong in choosing Hillsborough Knolls. Most of the houses here are massive, containing 10 or more rooms. The entire neighborhood only measures 0.4 square miles. Most properties are separated by large stretches of thick greeneries. The big trees provide shades and even hide big houses, which contributes to the secluded atmosphere of the area.