How To Properly Stage Your Home

Staging a Home Real Estate

Staging a house for a viewing is no longer an astronomical task. Whether you are a new real estate agent, or you want to sell your house, there are simple things you need to do to present your house in the best possible way. As opposed to the expensive makeovers that most people think is a must, these simple steps are very economical and require no services from any professional. Needless to say, properly staging your house greatly increases the chances of getting a buyer as quickly as possible and further increases the chances of a buyer wanting to buy it. Below are some pointers on how to go by properly staging your house.

Ensure Your House is Clean

The first and most important thing to do is to thoroughly clean your house. This includes the floor, toilet, bedroom, basement and closet. Do not forget other neglected areas like the window panes and the fittings. It matters if you vacuum, clean, and dust your house. Clear an entire day out of the week and go scrub every corner of the house. If you live with a spouse and children, split up the work. Make the cleaning a fun game for the kids so they don’t refuse entirely. By the end of the day your house will be sparkling clean!

As the premier real estate agent K. Ann Brizolis, who specialized in the San Diego Luxury Real Estate market, advices, it is best to have a sparkling home in order to have a clear mind. It also allows potential buyers to truly see themselves living in the house. After all, it is wise to follow the advice of someone who sells luxury homes to the rich and famous for a living.

Do Away with Clutter!

When visiting any house, buyers will want to walk around the house freely to size the house. Filling clutter to make it look bigger is not a good idea. In fact, apart from making the house stuffy, is will make the house look smaller than it is. Make it easier for the client to make an informed decision by removing any clutter and leaving only the necessary items you need like the furniture. Also, ensure to remove any personal items like family photos as they act as a distraction.


Brighten the Rooms

Brighten The Rooms Staging HomeOne of the best and simple ways to do this is by opening the curtains to let in the sun. If there are any abstractions like trees or bushes just trim them. Make sure to show your house during the day when it is brightest. Another way is to add fresh paint to give the rooms of your house a fresh new look. While applying the paint, make sure to choose neutral colour paints that are not too distracting. Use light colours to make rooms look bright and big, and most importantly welcoming!

Update Home Appliances

Is it a high end home? Well this is one of the most important aspects to consider. Many people won’t­­­­­­ buy a home that has appliances that are dated. You can rectify this by purchasing new appliances that match well with the floor and colour of the walls. In the kitchen for example, buy appliances that match well with the cabinets and the floor. This will go a long way in attracting more buyers.

Update Floor Covering

Do you have outdated, stained carpets? Well, do away with them. It’s time to buy new ones. In fact, it’s much better to leave your wood floor bare. Buyers do not like floor coverings that may not match the desired house colour scheme. To be on the safe side, ensure that your wooden floor is well made without any broken parts. If need be, you can polish it to look new. However, if your floor is not wooded, ensure to use a wall to wall carpet to make the clients comfortable.