Real Estate Tips for Selling Your House in 2018

“The early bird catches the worm”, so they say. This is also true when you are contemplating of selling your property.  The earlier you sell your house in the year, the better. Here are the reasons why: 

  1. Low supply

When there is a low inventory of properties for sale, you can take advantage of it. Your new listing can stand-out when there is less competition, especially if your home is located in a desirable neighborhood. A Napa Valley realtor suggests putting your house on sale during the months of low inventory to get noticed easily. 

  1. More demand

The early parts of the year are the months when people mostly relocate, especially employees who are moving in another area because of the change in work. Another factor that causes urgency for the buyers to get a new home is the weather. Many buyers want to find a home, make an offer and transfer right away during winter months. 

  1. Spring starts early in warm markets

If your house is located in a warm region, you could benefit by listing your home in early spring. Many real estates expect have observed that many visitors view online listing right after Christmas. Even if the buyers are still too busy with holidays and cannot visit the property for sale, they are starting to select their pick during the holiday season. In the dead winter months, senior citizens are also looking a second home in a more temperate climate. 

  1. People have more sources of funds

A buyer has more means to generate income during the holidays. Although it’s rare, some companies do give Christmas bonus. Holiday Pay of more than 25% is being implemented in many estates. Many potential buyers who filed their tax return early on can also expect to get a tax refund in less than 21 days.  The money that they get from the occasion can be used as down payment for their purchase. 

  1. Negative economic speculation can cause panic

Before the year ends, many economists would share their thoughts about what is going to happen in the coming year. When they say that the interest rates will rise, many homebuyers might make the purchase sooner rather than later. This trend is observed in the last two years and could happen again this 2018.