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Our love for real estate began at an early age. Our love for the real estate field began at a young age, when our Father used to take us to his construction sites, while they were not doing any dangerous or heavy building. He loved construction, and would build the best homes and apartments around. He would take us to his construction sites to show us the progress of his projects. We loved visiting the sites, seeing all the tools, and work that went into each house really opened our mind to the construction field. We saw how hard he and his employees worked, but once a project was done, seeing the excited and satisfied smiles of all the people involved inspired us.

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Once we were older and were allowed to go to the sites while people were actually doing constructions we got more of a hands-on feeling. Wearing that yellow hard hat became our favorite thing on Saturdays. We loved going to his projects, asking questions, and learning about all the different process that went into building a house.

We learned about the different permits that were needed for each section of the house, what materials were utilized for what section and in which order they were placed. We were always learning something new, and now we have successfully flipped a number of houses by ourselves! Thanks to our Father, and the amazing foundation that he helped us build, we have become very knowledgeable in the subject.

Although flipping homes, let alone building a house from scratch, takes time, work, and a whole lot of patience, we love doing what we do. Each project is a thrill with incredible memories along the way.