Real Estate Insider Tricks

Insider Tricks Real Estate Agents Won’t Tell You About

The real estate market is an extremely competitive Darwinian field, specially in cities where the properties are over-priced. Once such city is New York City, where there are a little over 27,000 licensed real estate agents. However, in 2012 there were only 12,598 contracts as Ryan Serhant states in an ABC News interview.


Ways to Attract Potential Customers

One common tactic that some real estate agents use to attract potential clients is through the use of old listings on their website. The agents will keep handsome properties up on their websites, even if they were sold a few years back. These eye-catching properties gets people to pick up the phone and contact the agent. However, since it is no longer available, the agent will tell the person that the property is now under escrow, or they just got an offer, or that is was just sold and the site needs to be updated. Then, they’ll offer the person on the phone various listings that are “similar” to that one, and boom, they have a client.

Another common tactic is to set up open houses and scout potential clients. Open houses don’t tent to sell a home, it is more of a marketing scheme from the agent’s point of view. Don’t get it wrong, open houses can be great marketing tools as well for homes, but a majority of agents push for these so as to gather more potential clients.

Watch the interesting video below to find out more secret tips real estate agents use.